As the business environment becomes faster, leaner and more competitive,

it’s increasingly imperative that companies implement and nourish a prospecting effort that consistently brings in attractive opportunities that result in new business.

And yet, there are numerous reasons why companies neglect to undertake such an effort, even though it’s vital to their survival and future growth.

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

 “We’re too busy to think about business development.” 

It’s good that you’re busy (and hopefully making money) but how long will this last without a systematic development effort? It’s important to be laying the groundwork for future business so that you’re busy 6 months from now…1 year from now.

“We can’t spend the money right now because our finances are tight.” 

The concern here is why are your finances tight? A major reason may be that you weren’t planting the seeds for new business and are now feeling the consequences. There may be slow times due to external factors, however, it’s crucial to keep these periods as short in duration as possible.

“We’re trying to hire a full-time development person but just haven’t found the right fit.”

Finding a qualified business developer is difficult. It’s even harder when a person in this position doesn’t work out as valuable time is lost. We can help during these times and be a constant presence for you. We often work in conjunction with full-time salespeople & business developers to ensure they’re seeing a consistent flow of leads and meetings.

“Everyone in our company has a hand in business development and this seems to be working okay for us.”

Wearing many hats is something few people do well. If employees have a sales/business development component added to their regular duties, the results are often mixed and uneven. We will ensure that the outreach effort your employees may be neglecting is conducted on a regular basis.

“I dislike contacting new people more than anything. The rejections I hear bother me.” 

Calling on people you don’t know certainly isn’t for everyone. But just as you know your business, we know the business of contacting people. We’re comfortable in this role and people sense it. Every one of our consultants has the experience and gravitas that makes high-level, peer-to-peer conversations possible.

Our mission is to alleviate the challenge of reaching people on a regular basis to ensure a steady stream of opportunities that will drive future growth. Each week we can employ our array of skills so that your new business pipeline is flourishing.

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