What We Do

At its core, Harbor Consultants is charged with creating new business opportunities for companies.

We are supremely focused on generating leads, making connections and securing appointments with qualified prospects…leading you to new relationships and new business.

We accomplish this through the activation of a “multi-touch” contact effort that includes:

Customized Outbound Approaches

Targeted phone calls
Direct mail

Applicable Inbound Techniques

Social media ads & posts
Pay-per-click ads
Blogs optimized for search engines

We reach people. Prospects will see and hear the message we’ve crafted for you. Our method of presentation generates interest that leads to next steps.

Each week

A Harbor specialist will act as your dedicated business development and marketing arm.

We’ll make the vital outreach effort needed to get your company’s name to the forefront of the marketplace. We’ll get you in front of the people you want to meet or reconnect with. We’ll set the table for you to close new business.

Indeed, have you ever wondered about

The opportunities that are being missed due to the haphazard business development program currently employed by your company?

We can alleviate this concern by seamlessly integrating our prospect qualification and contact services with your business operations. Everything we do has the look and feel as if we’re sitting right in your office.

Our dedication, pleasant persistence and professionalism will result in a multitude of new leads, contacts and meetings for your business. We bring these traits to bear for companies every day…and we can bring them to bear for you.

For a more thorough understanding of how we open doors and uncover new opportunities