6-Step Process

Harbor Consultants swiftly implements a six-step process to get the systems in place that will produce new business for our clients. Every situation is unique and as we learn more about an organization we’re able to quickly determine areas of strength and points of weakness in the existing business development structure. We adapt our process accordingly so no time is wasted as we ramp up our activities.


Understanding Your Business

We represent companies in the marketplace and it is imperative we do this in a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable manner. This bedrock step begins with understanding the history, goals and driving forces of the organization. How did it get to where it is? What makes it special? What makes it win? We pull all this out, take it in, and then really get to work.


Refining The Message

How long has it been since you thought about what makes your organization special? Or thought about your pitch to grab people’s attention? We’ll work to update and refine your mission statement. The message we communicate for you needs to be clearconcise, and impactful. It should move people to say “Yes, I want to learn more” and “Yes, I’d like to schedule a meeting”. We constantly evaluate how the message is being received and whether it’s producing the expected results.


Determining The Prospect Universe

t’s time to present the message we’ve crafted to a targeted group of prospects. We take advantage of any prospect info a company may have already gathered. Then we supplement this preliminary data with our proprietary prospect generation information that allows us to compile a robust and accurate list of people to be contacted. Being able to see current (and correct) organization intelligence lets us pinpoint exactly the right individuals to approach. We’re not throwing darts at a board…we are laser-focused on where we’re going.


Setting The Appointment

Everything is in place for us to execute the program. We do this by unleashing our true passion…speaking with people. We know how to connect with decision-makers at the proper level. We expertly qualify prospects to guarantee they are solid targets. We employ a consultative method of conversation that puts people at ease and gets them talking about their situation. We determine an appropriate next step, which is usually an introductory meeting or teleconference.


Tracking Progress & Results

All of our activities are tracked and recorded. Every call is logged into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with notes of each conversation and interaction. An “action item” is generated for each prospect so there is a concrete follow-up activity scheduled to move things forward. The pipeline of new relationships and opportunities can be viewed in real time. Consistent updates and reporting ensures awareness of the number of calls placed, appointments set, callbacks requested, meetings coming up, etc.


Post-Meeting Responsibility and New Business

Our time-tested system and work ethic produces meetings, teleconferences, RFPs, etc. We create interest and opportunities but our work doesn’t stop until we are sure this is resulting in new business. For each relationship we ignite, we implement a post-meeting responsibility structure to ensure the necessary follow-up steps are taken to secure the relationship and to close on new business.

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